People of AUXA

This interview expands on the story that Chi Alpha’s very own Chelsey Cartwright told at the April 10th TNW. She has a striking personality, a love of life, and is always willing to help, so, introducing Chelsey Cartwright!


The Last Lecture

This is a video reflection by Leslie Strain.  Born and raised in the great state of Texas, she loves Bill Clinton, corgis, cats, and pie–in that order.  When she’s not drinking pumpkin spice lattes, she is working hard to bring a chapter of the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development on campus.  If you are interested in women’s rights and childhood development in the rural region of Tamil Nadu–HiT hER uP!!! (She will most likely be at the Dav).

I have dreams, but when I have trouble deciding which pair of shoes to wear on a daily basis, accomplishing dreams seems impossible. Enter Randy Pausch: he gave his last lecture at Carnegie Melon University after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; yet, this isn’t his reflection on missed opportunities. It’s about how he achieved his dreams–all of them. Randy frightens me. He dreamed bigger; he never stopped. His last lecture was just one more thing off his bucket list. For me, college often feels full of supposed to’s and not a lot of want to’s. I’m supposed to go to class and participate. I am supposed to have an internship. I am supposed to be more than what I am. I am supposed to ____. But what do I really want to do? Who do I want to be? Randy makes me wonder maybe my bucket list doesn’t have to be my unattainable dreams. Maybe its what guides me, fuels me in the mornings; it’s who I am.


Shelter Soundscape

This is a featured soundscape (!) from Kevin Goldfarb, a senior who is a poli sci/film & media double major. He has two loves: Jesus & Newcastle United Football Club (in that order, mind you) and he leads the Chi Alpha Cohort.

On this piece: To me, home is a place where I can be by myself, undisturbed, and comfortable. With close friends and family nearby, and where I’m able to recharge. Preferably with a fireplace, a cozy armchair, and a shelf of books at hand.